Proof of concept for gear ratio 4

Though still working with the gear ratio calculation repl, my learning is in progress.
In this version I am using parameter list.


Functions for web server

I am reading this book to learn about Lisp. There is a chapter to create a web server, however is uses features only available in CLISP, so that I have created functions to use the sample code with Steel bank common lisp.

Lispを学ぶためにこちらの本を読んでます。ウェブサーバーを作成するチャプターでは CLISP 特有の機能が使われてます。同じサンプルコードが Steel bank common lisp で動くようにこちらの関数を作りました。

May 2018 cycling post

This railway is going to be moved underground sooner or later.
I would like to take a picture then from the same location. (Latitude 35.536656 Longitude 139.741184)

こちらの線路はいずれ地下化される予定です。そのときまた同じ位置から写真を取りたいとおもいます。(経度 35.536656 緯度 139.741184)

About my lisp environment 1

I am lerning Lisp using Steel bank common lisp. These scripts are to test socket stream over network. Paste setuplistener.txt and setupspeaker.txt in different terminal and should work as in the picture below.

Lispの学習で使っている処理系は Steel bank common lispです。こちらのスクリプトはネットワークソケットをテストするためです。setuplistener.txt と setupspeaker.txt の内容を別々のコンソールウィンドウにはりつけた後、画像のように使います。

Testing jobs from linux machine 2

Using the virtual server mentioned in this post, I am testing a chain of process that tweets about the variance in count of available UR apartments in Tokyo area.


Proof of concept for gear ratio 3

The function named 'setxya' in this post had a lot of repetition,
so I have applied my recently learned macro definition knowledge to remove it.
But think I am still doing something messy.

こちらの投稿の関数 'setxya' にはたくさんの繰り返しがありました、

Testing jobs from linux machine

I am testing some jobs that runs from a virtual machine created using VirtualBox and Vagrant. The OS I have selected is Ubuntu.

VirtualBoxVagrant を使って作成した仮想サーバーにジョブをつくってテストしてます。選んだ OS は Ubuntu です。

May 2018 app acquisitions

This graphs can be obtained from the dashboard that is provided to each developer in Microsoft developer center site (link)

これらのグラフは、Microsoftデベロッパーセンターで各開発者に与えられるダッシュボードから取得来ます (リンク)