Proof of concept for gear ratio 2

I have completed the functions mentioned in this post


April 2018 cycling post

This is picture was taken during the making of this bicycle's frame set.


Proof of concept for gear ratio

I am making some functions in Lisp in order to check the concept required for improving the gear ratio calculator repl. The main function calculates recursively a list that consists of 3 values which meets the relation xy=a, so that any of its values x,y,a could be also a list of the same structure (xy=a) and their children too.

こちらの投稿のギヤ比計算REPLを改善するための検証用の関数をつくってます。メインの関数は xy=a の関係が成り立つ3つの値からなるリストを再帰的に計算していきます。リストのどの値 x,y,a も同じ構成(xy=a)のリストであってもいいしその子供もしかりです。

The gear ratio calculator 3

This is a Link to the latest gear ratio calculation repl (read eval print loop),
switch to interactive mode with the toggle in the bottom and execute the code.
I know there are some issues to improve.

こちらはギヤ比計算REPL(対話型評価環境)へのリンクです。コードの下にあるトグルボタンで Interactive modeを ON にして実行 (Execute) します。コードに改善する余地がある事はわかってます。

The gear ratio calculation repl

Switch ON the interactive mode and execute.

The gear ratio calculator 2

The third version of this script (introduced in this post), It generates a report about the calculation


The gear ratio calculator

The second version of this script (introduced in this post), asks to the user what he wants to calculate.


Playing with LISP

I am learning LISP, this code reads user input to calculate equations related to gear ratio. I want to extend it to a full function that calculates speed , cadence , and gear ratio. I have tested the code using the link below


April 2018 app acquisitions

This graphs can be obtained from the dashboard that is provided to each developer in Microsoft developer center site (link)

これらのグラフは、Microsoftデベロッパーセンターで各開発者に与えられるダッシュボードから取得来ます (リンク)