The crazy puck

I have added the simulation of this post in the javascript menu.

こちらのシミュレーションを javascript メニューに追加しました。

Excel to draw rectangles

I am making an excel to use in the redesign of the characters made of rectangles.


Airports in countries

If you execute the code in this script in a browser, you can know the numbers of airports according to the data. You can use the code pane of javascript space , paste the code and press "run CODE"

Sample of output: 
"Cook Islands":6
"New Zealand":27

こちらのコードをブラウザで実行すると、上のサンプルように、データ内の各国の空港の数を知ることができます。javascript space のコード用のテキストボックスを使えます。貼り付け後、”run CODE" を押すと実行されます。

March 2018 cycling post

Tokyo tower view on the way back home from Roppongi


Air hockey simulation on progress 3

I have update the air hockey table simulation app. You get points hitting the red parts on the wall.


Blackness of fonts 2

The sparseness of blackness of the fonts after few redesign is still prominent as
seen in following values


About rectangular fonts redesign 2

Work in process. to spot the differences.


March 2018 app acquisitions

This graphs can be obtained from the dashboard that is provided to each developer in Microsoft developer center site (link)

これらのグラフは、Microsoftデベロッパーセンターで各開発者に与えられるダッシュボードから取得来ます (リンク)

When you are feeling lucky

I have added a button that generates the rectangular text of this interface with colors.