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November 2017 cycling post

This is the indoor training machine that sometimes I use in a gym at Fudomae (Shinagawa-city, Tokyo)


Interface to draw rectangles 4

I have modify the code to animate the drawing in the page introduced in this post.


Javascript space menu update

I have updated the javascript space menu. Now it have explanations of each item.

Javascript のメニューを更新しました。各アイテムの説明を追加しています(英語です)。

Interface to draw rectangles 3

I have added the interface mentioned in this post in the javascript space.
The size of the output can be changed by modifying the value of a variable named "magnitude". The characters that are still not created will be processed as blank space.

こちらの投稿で述べたインターフェースを javascript space のメニューに追加しました。
出力のサイズは magnitude と名付けた変数の値を変更することで変えられます。

Interface to draw rectangles 2

I am creating a set of fonts with the interface introduced in this post.
Its harder than I expected.


Black strawberry timer 3

There was a problem with the timer app introduced in this post,
the screen got locked according to lock screen settings, in order to avoid it
I have included the function of a library named NoSleep.js.

設定によってタイマーの起動中に画面がロックされてしまいました。問題に対応するために NoSleep.js とういうライブラリの機能を組み込みました。

November 2017 app acquisitions

This graphs can be obtained from the dashboard that is provided to each developer in Microsoft developer center site (link)

これらのグラフは、Microsoftデベロッパーセンターで各開発者に与えられるダッシュボードから取得来ます (リンク)