Blog menu update

I have changed a little bit the blog menu.
The privacy policies are just linked on the top page and there is a tab for latest posts now.


May 2017 cycling post

A trip around Miura peninsula is a nice course for cycling starting from Tokyo area.
You run alongside the ocean during almost all the trip (in Japan you drive on the left side of the road). It is around 80km from Shinagawa to Kamakura, and you can go back to Tokyo by railway if you know how to transport your bike by train.


Ovi devhurdle

Though being the core of the app, another hurdle faced during Ovi development, was the mathematical expression parser. C# hasn't a function like 'eval' used in the javascript sample. And Datatable.Compute() is not available for UWP, therefore I used the functions introduced in this article. I am thinking about creating the progressive web app of Ovi.

中心的な機能でありながら、Ovi の開発で直面した課題は数式パーサーでした。C#にはウェブ版のサンプルで使った eval のような関数はなく、Datatable.Compute() も使えないので、こちらの記事で紹介されている関数をほぼそのままつかいました。Ovi もプログレッシブウェブアプリを作成する予定です。

Progressive web app test 1

Checking information about progressive web apps, I thought that it would be the best form for an app like Pedalin' mix . I have created a base project on web, I will add gradually the features required for a PWA

プログレッシブウェブアプリケーションについて調べていたら、Pedalin'mix のようなアプリの形態として一番良いと思いました。ウェブに基礎となるプロジェクトを作成しました。徐々にPWAに進化させていきます。

Ttgenerator version 2

I have reduced the code introduced in this post from 37 lines to 31 lines, and now the 'size' could be passed as argument. (The output sample is from Microsoft Edge , press F12 to open console)

こちらのポストで紹介したコードを37行から31行に短くしました。それに加えて、引数でサイズを渡すことができます。(サンプルの画像は Microsoft Edge からのものです, F12でコンソールが開きます)

Tile test No2

Testing how to implement a tile notification(starting with the app introduced in this post), I have learned that a background task is needed to create a Live Tile.

タイルを更新する方法(こちらのポストで紹介たように)をテストしていると、Live Tileをつくるためにはバックグラウンドタスクを実装することが必要だと学びました。

Tile test No1

I think that one of the most characteristic features of windows is the tile UI system.
I am thinking about an app that uses it. So I have prepared a minimal test app to learn how it works.
Steps to build and run the app
1.Create a new project with Visual studio (select blank UWP)
2.Open "MainPage.xaml.cs" and paste this code (change 'TESTTILE1' according to your solution)
3.Build and run the application

1.Visual studioで新規プロジェクトを作成します(空のUWP)

InkToolbar tag

Just adding the tag below to the code (MainPage.xaml) introduced in this post
is enough to add a color and ruler tool bar to the app.

        <InkToolbar x:Name="inkToolBar" RelativePanel.RightOf="saveButton" RelativePanel.Below="myborder"  Margin="10,0,0,0"
         TargetInkCanvas="{x:Bind mycanvas}"  InitialControls="All" >


May 2017 app acquisitions

This graphs can be obtained from the dashboard that is provided to each developer in Microsoft developer center site (link)

これらのグラフは、Microsoftデベロッパーセンターで各開発者に与えられるダッシュボードから取得来ます (リンク)