White black beard board functions 1

I have created a simple project on which the basic function of storing windows ink strokes to an image file is implemented. This is how to build it
 1.Create a new project (select UWP (universal windows app))
 2.Paste this code in "MainPage.xaml" (change the project name ('BBB1') according to your project )
 3.Paste this code in "MainPage.xaml.cs" (change the project name ('BBB1') according to your project)
 4.Build and run the application

 2."MainPage.xaml" にこちらのコードを貼りつけます (プロジェクト名 ('BBB1') を変更してください)
 3."MainPage.xaml.cs"にこちらのコードを貼りつけます(プロジェクト名 ('BBB1') を変更してください)