March 2017 cycling post

Last month I went to cycling to the Shimanami islands
These are the steps I followed of how to get there from Tokyo.
(Premises: You know how to transport your bicycle in train according to JR (Japan railway ) regulations)
1. Take the bullet-train from Shinagawa to Fukuyama (about 3.5 hours, roundtrip ticket costs about 300 USD)
2. Take a local line (Sanyo line) from Fukuyama to Onomichi station (about 20 minutes)
3. Assemble the bicycle, (Onomichi station is very bicycle friendly, there is a space to assemble/disassemble the bike,
 there is a big Giant store near the station in case you need maintenance, etc.)
4. Start the 80km ride to Imabari. (the way is generally marked by a blue line on the left of the road)