The timer problem project

I have recently downloaded the Visual Studio 2017 community version(It is free).
In this post, I will explain how to create the app mentioned in this post using it.

1.Create a new project (select UWP (universal windows app))
2.Open "MainPage.xaml.cs" selecting it from the solution explorer
3.Paste the code in "cs_code_within_namespace.txt" within namespace curly brackets
4.Open "MainPage.xaml" selecting it from the solution explorer
5.Paste the code in "xaml_within_page.txt" within <Page> tags
6.Build and run the application

最近visual studio 2017 community versionをダウンロードしました(無料です)

2.Solution Explorer から "MainPage.xaml.cs" を選択して開きます
3."cs_code_within_namespace.txt" のコードをnamespace内に貼りつけます
4.Solution Explorer から "MainPage.xaml"  を選択して開きます
5."xaml_within_page.txt" のコードを<Page>タグ内に貼りつけます