Pedalin' mix slump

As illustrated here, Pedalin' mix downloads from the store is very low comparing to other apps.
Though I have renewed the icon and the UI, the situation has not changed.
One reason could be that there are very few cyclists who use windows 10 mobile.
Therefore, I will try to convert the main function into a web app. Let's see if it works.

ここで紹介してるように、Pedalin' mixのストアからのダウンロードは他に比べてとても低い。
windows 10 mobileを使用しているサイクリストが少ない事が原因のひとつかもしれません。

Selfish pad - renewal

I have renewed the icon and the user interface of Selfish pad on 20170206.
As for the UI, I have replaced the functionality of buttons above the editor box with a vertical command bar,
and added buttons that facilitate the usage of the 'randomizer'.
I think that the new ones are better than before, that's how it ought to be, isn't it?.


20170206に Selfish pad のアイコンとユーザーインターフェースをリニューアルしました。
UIについてはeditor boxの上のボタンの機能を縦に表示されるコマンドバー内に収めて、
さらに 'randomizer' を使い安くするためのボタンも追加しました。

About apps  Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

White black beard board

White board app for writing , recording strokes, playing , saving as .gif


Calculator app with unique interface and functions

Selfish pad

Simple and innovative text editor for Windows 10 (mobile). Supporting UTF-8
link to store

Pedalin' mix

Gear ratio,cadence,speed calculator , metronome
link to store , webgadget version , web app (GRMX)

Rokuyo dice

Tile application that displays ancient japanese weekdays
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(Privacy Policy)

アプリについて Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

White black beard board




Selfish pad

Windows 10 (Mobile)用のシンプルかつ革新的なテキストエディタ。 対応エンコードはUTF-8
link to store

Pedalin' mix

link to store, webgadget version, web application (GRMX)

Rokuyo dice

link to store


Selfish pad - generally speaking selfishly

I had written programs using other languages to read and write from txt file on windows, but it was the first time to do it in a system targeted to mobile like UWP. It was so different from what I knew, so I spent a lot of time in looking for information in the internet.

Summarizing what Selfish pad does, the main functions are:
(the code (C#) below for each one, including the file accessing)

//1.Read from a txt file.
Windows.Storage.Pickers.FileOpenPicker open = new Windows.Storage.Pickers.FileOpenPicker();
Windows.Storage.StorageFile file = await open.PickSingleFileAsync();
using (Stream st = (await file.OpenReadAsync()).AsStream())
using (TextReader reader = new StreamReader(st, System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding("utf-8")))
            { string text = await reader.ReadToEndAsync(); }

//2.Write to a txt file.
FileSavePicker savePicker = new FileSavePicker();
savePicker.SuggestedStartLocation = PickerLocationId.DocumentsLibrary;
savePicker.FileTypeChoices.Add("Plain Text", new List<string>() { ".txt" });
StorageFile file = await savePicker.PickSaveFileAsync();
string[] lines = {"line1","line2","line3" };
await FileIO.WriteLinesAsync(file, lines, Windows.Storage.Streams.UnicodeEncoding.Utf8);


Selfish pad は上記の二つの機能(Read, Write)がメインです。それぞれのコード(C#)をその下に書いてます。(ファイルにアクセスする部分も入ってます)

Selfish pad - devhurdle1

When creating Selfish pad, when overwriting a file that has not been edit before, I got the error message 'System.UnauthorizedAccessException'. To solve this problem, I registered the file (when it is opened) to MostRecentlyUsedList or FutureAccessList by the following code:

// Add to MRU with metadata (For example, a string that represents the date)
string mruToken = Windows.Storage.AccessCache.StorageApplicationPermissions.MostRecentlyUsedList.Add(file, "I have used this just now");

// Add to FA without metadata
string faToken = Windows.Storage.AccessCache.StorageApplicationPermissions.FutureAccessList.Add(file);

Selfish padを作ってるとき、初めてアクセスするファイルを上書き保存しようとしたら 'System.UnauthorizedAccessException' というエラーが発生しました。上記のコードで MostRecentlyUsedList か FutureAccessList にファイルを追加する事で解消しました。

Privacy policy

Selfish pad does not collect or publish any personal information.
In case of any doubt please contact

February 4, 2017

White black beard board does not collect or publish any personal information.
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March 29th, 2017

Ovi does not collect or publish any personal information.
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April 26th, 2017

Rokuyo dice does not collect or publish any personal information.
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September 4th, 2017